Saturday, January 29, 2005

Documentary about "Home": Real stories wanted

My name is Tamer Ezzat, a film maker from Egypt. I am currently doing research for my new doumentary film project. It is a film called "The Place I Call Home".

In this film I would like to tell real life stories of people who have a unique story or perspective on the meaning of "Home" - Arabic meaning "beit and/or watan".

If you have a unique story and you find yourself - or anybody you know - fitting any of the following criteria, please contact me.

1- Have you been living someplace and feeling this is not your real home? why?
2- Do you feel you didn't find your real home yet? what are you going to do about it?
3- Did you always think some place is home but not sure anymore? why?
4- Do you have difficulty identifying with any home (culture or country)?
5- Do you feel home is anywhere you go and feel you are a citizen of the world?
6- What are your expectations from the place you call home?
7- Do you have a story to tell about changing your home and adjusting or not being able to adjust?
8- Do you want to move somewhere else but you are worried about being homesick?
9- Do you want to move somewhere else but you are facing disagreement from family or spouse?

If you think you have a story to tell other people and you are willing to participate in this documentary film funded by the UNESCO, please e-mail me immediatley.

Looking forward to hearing some interesting
real life stories.

Best Regards,
Tamer Ezzat

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At 11:27 AM, olatz said...

I have read your request in the web (
This is not my story but I know two people quite interesting.

First it's my sister (Nora , 30 years old). She's just moved to Egypt ( Cairo), looking for a new life, and leaving everything behind (job, dog, family, house,..). We live in the north of Spain and she has chosen "El cairo" because she has travel many times and likes it very much.

Second, I have a friend who works for the European Commission and have been travelling the last 8 years, living 2 years in each country (Yugoslavia, Bolivia, Indonesia, and now he is in Lesotho (Africa)) . We have talk about the "home problem" some times.

If you are interested, tell me and I will ask them and give you the contact.
Good luck,

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