Sunday, January 16, 2005

Mentor Graphics Egypt - FPGA Synthesis Team

There is an open position in the synthesis group, to work on the Precision RTL synthesis product. Precision Synthesis addresses the challenges of current and next-generation FPGA, CPLD, and ispGDX (Generic Digital Switch) devices. It features an intuitive graphical user interface, a new suite of optimization algorithms and a state-of-the-art timing engine that delivers the industry's most accurate timing analysis, enabling FPGA developers to maximize performance by achieving the highest quality of results.

Job Description:
1. Designing, developing, and supporting FPGA synthesis software.
2. The development is mainly in C/C++
3. Learning and adhering to the team coding style.
4. Fixing tool bugs, developing new features and enhancements to the tool.
5. Find solutions to improve QoR (Quality of Results; area on FPGA, and Maximum Frequency) and runtime.
6. Delivering best quality SW in the given time frame
7. Working with marketing on translating marketing requirements into engineering functional
8. Writing flow tests for self developed features, and writing test plans for the whole product.
9. Teaming up with the other team members to achieve the team goals.
10. Joining the team members in preparing requested documentation.

1. B.Sc. in Computer or Electronic engineering
2. Excellent programming Knowledge C/C++
3. Excellent in Logic Circuits design
4. Good Knowledge of shell scripting
5. Good knowledge of FPGA architecture is an asset
6. Good Knowledge in VHDL and Verilog
7. Unix and Window Development experience
8. Experience with Leonardo or Precision is an asset
9. Excellent command of English language.

Candidates will pass through thorough exams to test the above required qualifications, and screening will based on the result of the exam. Passing candidates will then pass through several interviews to select the best one.

Ayman Wahba, Ph.D.
R&D Manager, Synthesis Group
Mentor Graphics Egypt

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