Friday, January 21, 2005

Part time English/Arabic Translators

URGENT: Job Offer for who are fluent in English/Arabic Translation Casual/Part Time Job offer: We're looking for women or girls with PERFECT translation qualities English/Aarabic

They will mainly work on video/audio arabic interviews, transcribe them on paper and then
translate them into English.

We need them to be done fast and immediately as we start conducting the video interviews. We can provide mp3 audio files by email and the person can transcribe into Arabic and email them or fax or mail them to us.

Please take a moment to look at the list below to see if you know someone who might possess some or all of these qualities.

Essential Qualities:
* Fluent in English
* Young (25-35) Arab women role models
* Successful - someone our audience would aspire to be
* Speaks native Arabic
* Comes from an average background
* Educated
* Good communication skills
* Cheerful and energetic Non-essential but desirable qualities:
* Wives or mothers juggling work and family
* Meaningful Contributors to a field or community

I would appreciate any nomination you think might fit.
Please email me at with this in the subject ''.

For more information on the project, please visit our website at where you can glimpse some of the interviews (in English) conducted in Jordan and Lebanon last October.

For the best Job Opportunities in the Middle East visit:

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