Thursday, February 03, 2005

E-Business Manager Required - Sharjah

E-Business Manager Required

A Well established company in UAE is opening its branch in sharjah. The main reason of opening this outlet is to propagate e-business. Our Company is looking to hire a well qualified professional who has a proper e-business plan. We are in process of implementing an online computer business in the UAE. Below are the benefits:-

1. Salary 5,000 Dhs ( INITIAl) + commision
2. House and Car
3. Well Set Private Office.
4. 45 days Annual Leave.
5. Yearly increment of 1000 Dhs
6. Ticket, Visa and other Benefits
7. Family Visa Status with benefit for spouse and children.
8. After 3 years , get the position of Operation Manager in the Middle East.

To Qualify for the job you must submit your 9 pages e-business plan. Your e-business(internet Business) should be related to the market in the GULF. It should be computer related or can be a sourcing business plan.

Below Are some of the Guide line for the 9 page e-business plan
Page 1 . Cover page
Page 2 Table of Contents
PAGE 3 - Executive Summary (maximum 200 words)
PAGES 4 - 8 - Plan must clearly address each of the following under the sub-headings listed below:
The Business Concept
Product or Service
Target Market / Market Opportunity
Competitive Position of the Business
Financial Aspects of the Business Development
PAGE 9 - Biography

Must include a brief biography about yourself.


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