Friday, February 18, 2005

Linux Hosting Server Managment Experts - Egypt

Seeking Web Hosting Server Managment Experts

We are looking for an experienced server administrator to manage our servers.

We need someone PROFICIENT and EXPERIENCED who can perform regular server securing, maintenance, upgrades, security checks, tweaking, optimising, installing software etc, as and when required.

We also expect this person to deal with customer support tickets over full-time hours daily, i.e. covering an 8 hour a day period. On average we only receive between 10-30 support tickets daily which are usually very simple and straightforward to resolve. On some occasions where required the server DCs need to be contacted to carry out reboots and server related work.

So if you are someone who is connected to the Internet via a reliable broadband/cable connection, and you spend 8 hours a day at your PC, this would suit you very well to make some extra money. Additionally if you have web design skills, that would be a bonus as you can re-design our site into something more professional looking.

We are willing to pay $100/month to start with as the actual work involved is very little right now. As time progresses and we get more customers/servers we will increase this accordingly.

We are also selling dedicated servers and plan to move into offering server management plans to customers, so there is a great opportunity to turn this into a full-time paying job.

You need to be an experienced and expert linux server administrator, with excellant knowledge of webserver configurations.


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