Monday, March 07, 2005

E-Marketing, Designing and Tele-marketing opportunities

I'm looking for young candidates to join our new company, the company fields are :

1- Total I. T. Solutions (Turn-key)
2- E-Marketing and Tele-marketing
3- Training
4- Designing (web - graphics)

We are seeking (full time, part time, home workers) self-motivated, career builders, leaders, team-oriented workers, hard workers, ambitious personalities, very good communication skills, sociable.

The successful candidates should at least have the following qualifications:
1- V. good command of English.
2- Specialized professionally in one or more of the computer fields (network security - web-designing - graphics - Internet - ...etc)
3- Any other skills will be an asset and considered.

Brief information about our company :
It is located in Dokki, Giza,
It is a new S. A. E. company for Hi-Tech
It provides (full time and part time only) basic salary and commission for all employees.

Those who are interested can send their fully detailed CV's accomplished
with a recent photo to my mail
Att.: Mr. Hanie Hussein

For the best Job Opportunities in the Middle East visit:

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