Thursday, July 14, 2005

ENG - Product Supply Manager - Egypt – ENG00000128


The roles of our engineers vary from developing new products, to designing new processes, to implementing production. Engineers start in one of three areas: Research & Development, Engineering - Product Supply, or Manufacturing - Product Supply. Product Supply Engineers make concepts a reality by being the link between R&D and Manufacturing. They develop new approaches to big problems by analysing, designing, starting-up, troubleshooting, and improving manufacturing product and process technologies, systems, and facilities. After an initial 2-3 year assignment, moves between locations are possible.

Work is done in a wide variety of fields, including control systems, high-speed packaging process mechanical operations, chemical processing, capital management, facilities systems, power systems and environmental engineering.

You'll be able to demonstrate leadership capability, the ability to work effectively with others, and practical experience applying your engineering skills competently.

We are looking for candidates with:
· fluency in English
· university degree (preferably fresh graduates)
· leadership and problem-solving skills
· desire to work in an international environment

All candidates should be eligible to work in Egypt.

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