Saturday, December 24, 2005

Greatplains ERP Senior Business Consultant, Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

Multinational Egyptian Company

Job type:

Job Description:

Leads the implementation of the required Microsoft Greatplains ERP Application and its efficient integration with different solutions

To undertake the implementation of certain modules as assigned by the Team Leader

Job Title:
Greatplains ERP Senior Business Consultant

Reports To:
- ERP Team Leader
- Project Manager

- To undertake and lead the implementation of Greatplains modules (Full Business Cycle) as assigned by the Team Leader.
- Provides presales support to the sales team on newly offered applications.
- Provides input to the Project Manager on the timeliness and deliverables of the project for the preparation of the project implementation plan.
- Understands the overall offered solution, and specifically studies and understands the assigned module for implementation.
- Assists in the discussions with the key user(s) on the details of the required deliverables in accordance to the recommended solution
- Assists in gathering all the required information and data from the client in regards to the business cycle(s)
- Attends technical presentations conducted by the Team Leader to the key user(s) and end user(s) in regards to the expected deliverable(s) of the provided solution.
- Understands clearly the identified "Work Around" and continues implementation of the module in accordance to any changes.
- Writes-up "Test Scripts" relevant to the assigned module and reviews it with the team leader to ensure its accuracy.
- Acts as first line support to the customer.
- Updates and involves the Project Manager and Team Leader on the progress of implementation of the assigned module and/or escalates issues faced during implementation to ensure prompt action.
- Prepares the "Application Setup Document" for his/her module for future references, ensuring that the rest of the team has undertaken the same activity.
- Conducts training to the end user on means of operating the implemented system.
- Providing structured user guidelines with clarity and user friendliness.
- Assists in obtaining the approved/signed "Final Acceptance Sheet" from the client on his/her own module(s) within the project.

Required Skills:
- Bachelors of Commerce or Computer Science with minimum 3-5 years hands-on experience in Great Plains Applications.
- Very good knowledge of Microsoft Applications functionalities in the assigned modules.
- Good business knowledge in the specialized suite. (Financial Accounting, Logistics & procurement, CRM or Manufacturing .etc).
- Implementation experience using Great Plains Implementation Methodology.
- Knowledge seeker and continuous knowledge update.
- Team leading capabilities and a very good team player.
- Presentation skills (Demos, presentations and Training).
- Technical writing skills.
- Very Good Command of English.

Compensation Package:
Competitive Salary + Benefits

6 to 7K according to experience


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