Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Script Writers

call for Script Writers applicants

Zenith is developing a science fiction series in Arabic language (modern classical) of 52 episodes of 50 minutes each for television broadcast on a pan-Arab television station, and possibly to be shown on European and other channels.
We are seeking script writers for the series. If you are interested in being considered as a script writer, please submit a previous script that you have worked on and write a ‘Test Script’ (see below) for the Zenith sci-fi series.

The Test Script
The Test Script is intended to help us select the most appropriate script writers and is not for use in the actual programme. We are therefore not providing candidates at this stage with information as to the plot and characters of the planned sci-fi series.
You are required to submit an Arabic language (modern classical) science fiction television script that combines adventure, suspense and humour while tackling issues that represent genuine moral dilemmas. Your Test Script should be a scene for a one hour television show along any one of the following plot lines. A crew is faced with dilemmas as they:

• Go through cross-gender transformations.
• Encounter a resistance fighter killing civilians.
• Are faced with the desire for eternal life.
• Become aware of a corrupt ruler’s scheme to commit a full blown embezzlement against his/her people.
• Have to react to a dictator about to commit an atrocity.
• Are struck by chemically induced lethargy and nostalgia at a time when they are facing great challenges.
• Have to motivate a fearful group of people to stand up to their bully.

The series is set in the future in a fictional location. The physical environment can be different from ones we are familiar with and encounters with fantastical characters are possible. The background to the crew’s mission and character development for your script is left up to you.

Making your application
Please send by way of e-mail to

• Your CV
• A previous script, short story, or published work that you have written and
• The Test Script - Maximum of five pages

We will contact applicants in due course to inform them of our decision. We will invite successful applicants to join the production team for the programme.

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