Sunday, August 13, 2006

Accountant and market operators needed

A project whose members are all youth is having some job vacancies. It is a project running a single price market in Mohandessen area (Sudan street).

The vacancies are:

1- Accountant:
a. 2-3 years experience.
b. Well organized and dynamic person

2- Market operators (4 vacancies)
a. Middle diploma or higher
b. Looking for experience in running small and medium businesses
c. Dynamic and fast learner

(Both vacancies are offered a salary between LE 350-400 in the first month
then salary + profit share)

For contacts: Family market 286 Sudan street, Mohandeseen. Phone #: 304 5098.
Ask about Doaa Abdelaal

Also the project welcomes volunteers to help in organizing several activities
funded by the profits made by the project.

Activities like:

Organizing literacy classes.

Organizing language classes for students in the slum areas that face the

Coordinating the activities to establish a library inside the market

Any other suggestions are welcomed

We consider the market place as a place for all Egyptians and for all ideas.


Doaa Abdelaal

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