Thursday, January 25, 2007

Content Manager Needed

Title: Content Manager

Location: Smart Village

Description: As a primary role, the candidate will be responsible for updating
the content of a relatively big portal of an international NGO whose business
depends on the portal being up to date. The content will be provided by
different departments of the organization, and the candidate will be responsible
for all the technical aspects of updating the content which will need excellent
knowledge of different web technologies such as HTML and JavaScript, as well as
design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash Macromedia.

As a secondary role, the candidate will be assigned small tasks of web design
and HTML development.

Qualifications: Very Good Skills in:
1. HTML and JavaScript
2. Dreamweaver (or any equivalent HTML editor)
3. Adobe Photoshop
4. Flash Macromedia

Skills in the following is a plus:
1. PHP
2. Java
3. Mysql Database basic administration tasks
4. Project Management skills

Working Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Day(s) Off: Friday and Saturday

If interested, please reply to this email with your CV.

Heidi Belal
Managing Director

It's not hard to meet expenses, they're everywhere.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Volunteers needed-new project in Cairo

*Volunteers Needed *

We are a group of thinkers and activists who are willing to create a new civilization organization and planting the seeds for a new way of living in one of the poorest communities in Egypt.

The main objective is to ensure that a SUSTAINABLE PROJECT is created rather than only giving out hand-outs that have a short-term effect. In addition, another objective of the project is to ensure that rather than just feeding the people, they are involved in feeding themselves. This will instill a sense of ownership in the project and in the benefits that they receive.

*Research & segmentation committee:*
Develop research campaigns to identify key problems that Antar's community are facing according to their priorities in order to identify their needs:

- Create job opportunities for young professionals
- Teach new professions for young people who drop out of school so they don't turn into "Arzekaya" has small income and hence lead to a deterioration of their illness, and poor environmental situation.
- Assess water sources and the presence of sewage to find alternative humanitarian solutions
- Assess the diseases that afflict those families in this community to provide appropriate education for them

The research officer's job is to:
- Develop indicators and methodologies
- Create need assessments
- Design and develop research processes, frameworks, methods and tools with Antar community.
- Create database contains all the information of Antar inhabitants of (numbers/ names/age/income/jobs/level of education...etc)
- Prepare analytical reports

*The research officer needs help in the phase of processing the framework*.
We need volunteers to do need assessments in Antar community to get the above mentioned information to enable us to identify the sort of help this community needs and identify type of suitable projects that could recruit large number of SA community.

*Volunteers would get:*
Training on how to conduct the need assessment
Certificate of experience
Participation in the foundation's activities, conferences and workshops.

Training on communication skills
*Needed in volunteers:*
No boundaries related to age or gender
Qualifications of volunteer: under graduate or post graduate
Sense of responsibility
Sense of commitments
Finish tasks in a precise timely manner
Follow NGO code of ethics

*Time line of the project:*
6 weeks project target 600 families
2 days a week
4 hours a day
Morning or afternoon

If interested please send your resume or your personal information to this email

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Charitable Project Manager

Required for a International pilot charity

Charitable Project Manager asks:

1- Planning voluntary services, setting out objectives, programs, policies and all that is related to the project as well as preparing budgets for the project.
2- Organizing services provided by volunteers, determining required volunteers, then selecting, recruiting, and training then as well as evaluating their performance.
3- Solving problems and taking decisions in respect of work done by volunteers and in case of dealing with external bodies.
4- Supervising works and projects and preparing interim financial and administrative reports for the projects including evaluation of these projects.

Job Qualifications:

1- University graduate and post-graduate studies in H.R. or NGO’s are assets.
2- At least three years of experience in similar projects.
3- Good command of English and other languages are assets.
4- Other skills such as: inter-personal and communication skills, good organization, team player, leadership, and innovative solutions to problems.

Please send Your CV with a recent Photo to :

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

ISO & Quality Coordinator

A well known Egyptian NGO is seeking to recruit ISO & Quality Coordinator


- Implements and coordinates quality control system & practices.
- Formulates and maintains quality control documentation and quality manual.
- Auditing and updating all documents related to the ISO system (Procedures/Work Instructions/Forms)
- Generates and/or coordinates the development of various reports regarding performance against quality indicators, as appropriate.
- Follow up the quality standards to maintain quality at different operational levels
- Editing any new procedures needed, or required by International Standards
- Studying and closing all non-conformities or observations resulting from the internal / external audit.
- Implementing internal auditing plans.
- Submitting periodical reports about all the above-mentioned tasks displayed in terms of charts.


- At least 2 years experience in a relevant quality management position.
- Candidates must have at least 1year experience in Quality Department.
- Candidate must have strong Knowledge of ISO & quality systems.
- Candidate must have had active participation in compiling quality manual.
- Fluent English, both written & spoken.
- Self disciplined. Organized, can work under pressure.
- To be a certified internal auditor is a plus.

If interested, please send your resume to

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Admin Assistants job vacancy

A well know Egyptian NGO seeks to recuit Admin Assistants

- Handle day to daty program activities
- Responsible for cash settlement with the partners & providers.
- Assist team memembrs to handle all their admin work
- establish a system for filling all documents & files
- handle incoming & ongoing programs phone calls.
- Assist in typing letters , faxes, emails, researches

Candidate Profile:
- Male or female
- Bachelor Degree
- Max. 2 year of experinec in a similar position
- Very good command of English Language
- Strong computer skills (Office & Internet)
- Excellent Communication Skills
- Team Player
- he or she must have passion for the admin work.

If interested & your profile matches the above mentioned criteria, send your resume only to:

Good Luck

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Admin Assistant For an NGO in Egypt

Admin Assistant For an NGO:

A well know Egyptian NGO seeks to immediatly hire an Admin Assistant for one of its major programs with the following duties:

- Provide administrative & secretarial support to the program team, this may include:
o Typing
o Filing
o Translation
o Certificates printing
o Compile reports
o Research & statistics

- Handle the daily correspondences, this should include the following:
o Faxes
o Emails
o letters

- Monitor & handle the daily activities of the program:
o Receive & follow up on daily, weekly & monthly attendance sheets.
o Receive & answer all phone inquires & phone calls of the trainees.
o Verify all the applications of the trainees brought by the training providers.
o Responsible for payment settlement between the program management & the providers.


- BA or BS. of any discpline.
- Good written & spoken English
- V. good computer skills, with high typing speed for both English & Arabic
- Male or female with max. 3 year of Experinece
- Hard worker & able to work as a team member

If interested, Please send yuor resume to , indicating the "Admin Assistant Job" in the title of the email

Good Luck

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Program Assistant Job Vacancy - NGO

A Distinguished Egyptian NGO seeks to immediately hire Program Assistant (Male)

Major Job Responsibilities:
- Manage day-to-day administration work of the program.
- Establish a system for filing all the applications, documents, papers, correspondences, and records according to established classifications, and retrieves correspondences.
- Coordinate all program admin tasks & activities internally & externally in collaboration with the providers.
- Compile data and statistical information. Draft statistical, narrative, researches and /or other reports as requested.
- Handling, collecting and filing applications of students.
- Handling phone calls of participants.
- Responsible for the document control.
- Carries out other special projects/assignments in support of the organization.
- Handle all the issues that relate to withdrawals.
- Any additional responsibility assigned or capacity assigned by his superior.


Bachelor Degree
Fresh graduate � Max. 2 years of Experience
� Has good written and verbal Communication skills
� Ability to work as a member of a team, able to travel inside Egypt
� v. Good administrative skills
� Frequent MS Word & Excel User, has high typing speed

Kindly submit your resume to

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

For a Human Resources Development and Training NGO in Egypt

An NGO working in the field of Human Resources Development and Training seeks the following:

1. Mechanical Engineer min. 3 years experience (3 posi)
2. Textiles & Ready Made Garments Specialist min. 3 years experience
3. Electrical Engineer min. 3 years experience
4. Promotion and awareness specialist min. 3 years experience
5. HRD specialist min. 3 years experience

Resumes to be send via male to this mail.
hossam badawy <>

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

high Impact executive program in Egypt

Dear executives,

One of the "World's Best" Institutes of management will be inaugurating its first high-Impact executive program in Egypt, in May 2005 in Sharm El-Sheikh Red Sea resort.

Responding to the learning needs of business executives in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa) for a high quality PRACTICAL& RELEVANT-yet AFFORDABLE senior management program, "Center for Executive Excellence" (CEE) at the well known NGO; Future Generation Foundation (FGF), has partnered with the Indian institute of Management – Ahmed abad (IIM-A), number one business school in India and consistently top rated school in Asia, to develop a program aimed at sharpening the management skills of Egypt's senior managers.

Accelerated Development Program (ADP) is the first general management executive program specially designed from scratch to suit the needs of organizations/executives operating in the MENA region.

IIM-A was set up in partnership with the Harvard Business School in
1961. Today IIM-A represents confluence of the best of Eastern and Western values and boasts a faculty who have worked with several private and public sector organizations facing similar challenges as faced by organizations operating in developing economies such as Egypt and MENA region.

For more information about the program contents, venue, brochure and fees, please call:
+2012 171 1080 or visit:

It's a rare chance to get away from it all and stop to sharpen the sword ;-)

Looking forward to see you there!

Yasser Fathy

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